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Whirlpool Family Of Brands Water Filters

Counterfeit water filters are sold online every day. People buy these filters thinking that they are buying genuine certified filters – until there is a problem.

Misleading designs, which often include the illegal use of brand names, logos and product labels, help disguise counterfeits as authentic replacement water filter products. Consumers are tricked into thinking they’re buying products with the same benefits and performance as branded filters – and for a cheaper price, too.

Some of the filters appear identical to brand-name filters, making it difficult for even the experts at U.S. Customs and Border Protection to tell the difference between them. Other filters include deceptive or faulty claims about fit and performance, but do not in fact offer the same level of quality or assurance as ones produced by your refrigerator manufacturer.


For more information, visit and make sure to always buy your water filter from a trusted source of original water filters that are sourced directly from the manufacturer. As a division of All Brand Appliance Parts, you can trust that if you order a brand name water filter from, you will receive an original water filter.