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Cleaning Tips to Get Through the Summer

Cleaning Tips to Get Through the Summer

Posted by Lucy Taggart on Jul 26th 2022

We're about halfway though the summer, and it's going by fast! To make the most out of your summer, a helpful tip is to have a clean summer. There are some ways to keep your home clean through all the sweat, dirt, and heat of the fun summer.

Starting off pretty simply, we all know that dirt starts to collect as summer goes on and makes vacuuming and sweeping much more frequent chores. An easy way to prevent this is to make a no shoes rule past mud rooms or welcome mats, it'll save you so much time and you can spend that time on summer fun!

Another way to save time for summer fun is to line your trash bins with multiple garbage bags. This is helpful for multiple reasons. For one, placing a ton of liners at once saves time on replacing bags after they become full, and two, if your garbage bag leaks or you spill in your trash can, the extra bags will catch the mess and save a stench caused by a mess in your bin, which isn't fun in the summer heat.

Have you been using the microwave to quickly heat up food this summer and now it's all gross? A quick way to clean your microwave is to microwave a small bowl of water with a sliced lemon. The lemon will help stop the smell of old food, and the steam of the water will help break down messes in the microwave.

Another cooking appliance that seems to build up with food throughout the summer is the grill. A clever way to clean your grill is the crumple a ball of aluminum foil and place between your tongs and scrub! The coarseness of the aluminum foil will help remove the sticky, hard-to-remove grime stuck on your grill.

Another simple piece of advice that may seem obvious but is definitely worth it, is to clean your glass surfaces, like mirrors and windows at least once a week them clear and dust free. The humidity of summer causes these surfaces to fog up quicker so it's a good idea to make a routine of cleaning these surfaces weekly.

It's always fun to make the most out of your summer, and a great way to do that is to keep your home and appliances clean so you can focus on how to have the most fun! Thank you for reading this blog, and make sure read our other blogs for tips and advice on how to get the most out of your appliances.