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5 Reasons You Should Keep Your Owner's Manual

5 Reasons You Should Keep Your Owner's Manual

Posted by Lucy Taggart on Jul 6th 2022

When you get a new product that functions intricately, you will usually get an owner's manual. Especially with expensive appliances. Now, we all understand that owner's manuals of appliances can pile up and get annoying, however, they can be really useful. There's some good reasons why you should keep your owner's manuals. 

Reason #1

Most owner's manuals have warranties included. If your appliance fails to function in its generally early days of use, you may need that warranty in order to get a replacement or your money back. So though it may save space to not store your manual away, it will NOT save money.

Reason #2

You can find many many many helpful things on your owner's manual that will come in handy if something unexpected happens to your appliance. For example, you can find part numbers and model numbers on your owner manual. This can help you buy replacement parts without heavy amounts of research.

Reason #3

Most appliance's owners or user manuals include recommended maintenance strategies for your use of your appliance throughout its lifetime. Unless you have a photographic memory, it's good to have these strategies on hand.

Reason #4

After you initially set up your appliance using your owners/instruction manual, you might think that once your appliance is properly functioning that it's time to toss it. However, suppose you need to replace a part of your appliance, your manual will come very helpful in replacement of these parts so you can understand how your appliance works to get it working to the best condition possible.

Reason #5

Even if your are best owner of an appliance imaginable, you still should keep your manual. If you take good care of your appliance you could sell it. If you sell it, your customer is gonna need to know as much about their appliance as you did when you owned it. Therefore, you should keep your manual so you can give it to whoever would buy your appliance if you should sell it.


At the end of the day, when the appliance goes, so should the manual. Until then, your best bet is to hang onto it. You can find ways to organize your manuals in fun ways as well! It doesn't all have to be clutter. You can organize them by size, style of appliance (is the appliance for kitchen, bath, or laundry?), or price. Keeping track of these types of items can be bothersome but its necessary and useful when it comes down to the importance.